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Nursery Decorating Trends

May 28, 2017 0 Comments

Nursery Decorating Trends

Nursery decorating trends are full of animals, geometrics and tribal designs.  Matching sets of pillows, blankets and wall art with these designs are all the rage.  Include a few inspirational quotes and your nursery will sure to be a hit.  Let’s start with animals. One of the cutest ways to decorate is with woodland animals.  


Bison, deer, eagles and fox are only a few of the popular ones this year.  Check out these and more in my shop. These unique prints will be like no other on the web.  All of which are decorated with graphic bead designs that can be customized. Many of these beadwork designs create geometric and floral shapes.  Include matching inspirational quotes and

you have the perfect set to brighten your child’s room


Geometric shapes continue to be a hot decor choice.  Scandinavian styles are in, so if you choose to adorn your wall with triangles in the shape of walls or flat floral art that is not too busy it will on trend.  Many of the designs are great on any wall not just in a nursery. Add a few pillows with matching colours or geometrics and of course some word art and it will look perfect!


Lastly, but not least is the tribal decorating trends.  This one is easy just mix and match both the geometrics and woodland animals using the same colour tones and you have created a whole new look for that special little one.  


If you can find a matching wall art prints the colours in the prints can be your starting point.  Use tones and complementary colours from your wall art to find that perfect blanket, pillow, or rug.  White is the trending paint colour and painting your walls white will make choosing room accessories a breeze.  


Whatever your plans are enjoy the process, change a few things for each new season and you will have a fresh look and a happy place for your child’s space.

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