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Spirit Animal Note Cards, Moose Card, Owl Card, Bob Cat Card, Dragonfly Card, Set 6

Metis Spirit Animal Greeting Cards Set 6

Includes : Spirit Moose , Spirit Owl , Spirit Bobcat, Spirit Dragonfly

Set of 6 Spirit Animal greeting cards by the shop owner P. Poitras-Jarrett. The images are designed from 36"x40" paintings from 2020.
Please watch for more designs to come as I am painting as series of over 20 Metis Spirit Animals! Also great for collectors.

These Spirit Animal note cards feature the artwork from 4 of my paintings that were created in 2020/21. Designed from original art by P. Poitras Jarrett.

Share some spirit and happy vibes with my original art cards.

If you live within or near Regina you may pick them up from me or I may drop them off to your mailbox. Thanks!

Product Details:

• Size 5 × 7 inches, envelope included
• Thick satin card stock
• Pages: Quality satin finish prints of my original art. Great to frame too!
• Blank space on the inside for lots of personal messages.
• Ships in a padded or rigid envelope.
• Printed in Canada by a Canadian Company
• Cute sm. floral graphic on the back of the card along with the Michif word for each animal in small print and the value meaning for each animal.

Metis Spirit Animals Included

1. Bobcat - Confident & Independent
2. Spirit Dragonfly - Balance & Change
3. Spirit Moose - Solitude
4. Spirit Owl - Intuitive

➤SHIPPING➤ORDER EARLY➤Please allow up to 7 days while the item is being handmade for the shipping process to begin. Order a couple of weeks or so in advance so you are not disappointed as production times during the busy season are out of my control.

➤Thanks for choosing Metis Spirit Art & Design! Feliss (Phyllis Poitras-Jarrett), A Proud Canadian Designer from Regina, Saskatchewan! All Rights Reserved on the Artwork © Phyllis Jarrett Metis Spirit Art Art 2020 and on.

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