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Bear Spirit - Courage & Bravery

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Bear Spirit

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Courage & Bravery

I am a bear spirit. I walk upon Mother Earth knowing that around the next corner there may be difficulties that arise. Being on this land means that I must have the courage to move forward in life with an open mind. I trust my instincts and bravely stand up for my convictions. However, I know it also takes courage to be open-minded and listen to others' viewpoints too. My ears perk up, as I listen to you with an open mind. 

When difficult situations arise during our relations, courage helps me continue on my path. Moving forward means I may have to rethink and adjust my thoughts. I also realize that others are entrenched within their thoughts.  My goal is to continue with peace in mind knowing that change may still bring some disruptions within others. 

Bears represent courage and are one of the Seven Grandfather Teachings.

The Michif word for bear is aen-noor.


We have three main species of bears in Canada. The black bear, grizzly bear and polar bear. Black bears live in thickly vegetated forest areas and bushlands. Grizzly bears prefer living near rivers in the boreal forest and also in the Arctic tundra area. Polar bears live in the arctic near pack ice so they can easily hunt for seals. Global warming has caused forest fires and early melting in the arctic. This threatens their food sources and habitats.

Bears are intelligent and curious. Their way of inspecting a potential source of food is by standing upright, listening carefully, peering at the object and sniffing the air. They are one of the most intelligent mammals living in Canada. Bears hibernation periods vary depending on the climates they live in. Bears in colder areas will hibernate from November to April. However with climate change bears hibernation periods are shortening. Their typical food is not always available upon awakening from their dens. We find them more often venturing into towns and cities to forge for food.