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Beaver Spirit - Wisdom & Creativity

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Wisdom & Creativity

I am a beaver spirit. I share my gifts of wisdom freely. We are all unique beings here on Mother Earth. I respect the different knowledge and wisdom of others. Learning new ways of understanding will create a safe environment and acceptance amongst us. Together our unique wisdom will overcome the most difficult problems humankind faces. Our creativity and knowledge will build bridges to sustain a new and better life for all. 

With my knowledge of building, I can share how to carve new lodges for those who are homeless. I know this is creativity at its best. We can and will succeed in our quest to bring balance back to Mother Earth.  

The beaver represents one of the Seven Grandfather Teachings and embodies wisdom.

Michif - beaver - aen kastor


Beavers are very family oriented and remain with their pair for life. Their babies, also called kits, leave the lodge after two years. They are excellent swimmers due to their webbed feet and flat tail that's used as a rudder. They slap their tails on the surface of the water to warn their families of an approaching danger. beaver can submerge itself for up to fifteen minutes without air. They are part of the rodent species. Unfortunately they are often disliked by people due to their need to gnaw on wood to keep their teeth from growing too long. Once they have their tree of choice they drag it to build their lodge or add to a dam they may be building. They are known as engineers of the ecosystem. They naturally manage drought issues by creating dams and ponds.