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Buffalo Spirit

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Buffalo Spirit

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Strength & Respect

I am a buffalo spirit. I want you to take notice how strong the human spirit can be. Like you I have overcome difficult and sometimes unfair obstacles in my life. My nation was once a herd of hundreds of thousands. We were almost extinguished to fulfill the needs of others' wealth and greed. Before they came I gave every part of myself to provide food, clothing and shelter. I was cherished and respected for sharing these gifts. Let your painful life events be the fuel to bridge you to the next moments in your life. Life is not always fair. If you lose faith and fall from the pain, get back up. Each step forward will help you regain your respect and strength. Share your teachings and experiences to help others during these times. Sharing your knowledge will let others know that they are not alone. I am strong and fiercely protective of my children. If threatened, my buffalo clan forms a circle around our children. Protect your children, as they are the next generation. Teach them respect for oneself and for all living things. One day they will stand tall to be our future leaders.

A buffalo represents respect and is one of the Seven Grandfather Teachings

Michif - buffalo - bufloo

I created the descriptions to reflect parts of each animal's natural ways of being and personified them as if they were speaking to you as guides.

I humbly include and acknowledge the Seven Grandfather Teachings within my art. Maarsii


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