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Caribou - Hope & Faith

Caribou Spirit

Hope & Faith

I am the caribou spirit I am sure footed as I travel across the coldest of lands. Faith and hope has guided my intentions. The will to live out my intentions helped adapt my body, so I can now guide myself through treacherous icy blizzards. Even my nose has adapted to enabling me to warm the frosty air filling my lungs with life. The pads on my feet transform with seasonal changes which aids me to travel through mud, ice and rocky waterbeds. I am persistent and move forward not knowing if I will survive, as I seek out food sources. My intention is clear, as it rules my very survival. We all face precarious situations throughout life. Faith and hope move us forward. When your intentions align with the betterment of all you will heal not only yourself but also Mother Earth. Pure potential is available if you choose it!

Michif - Caribou - aen kariboo

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These beautiful Métis art prints are highly collectable across Turtle Island.

-Please contact me to request a larger order than what appears as shown in stock at metisspiritart@gmail.com
- Pricing varies depending on paper type and size of my prints.
Each print has a white border which is included in the size to allow for the artist to sign the print in pencil and for the value names to be printed at the bottom center.
Please choose from the drop down window.
I print on 7"x5", 8"x10" &  8.5"x11" with Premium Matte Paper 210gms/12.2mil thickness.
I also print on 8.5"x11" with 100% Canon Infinity Rag Paper 310gsm/23.5 thickness. 
I print with Canon Lucia pigmented inks which are very high quality.
All papers and inks are archival quality.

NOTE: The frame is not included, it's for display purposes only.

➤SHIPPING➤ ORDER EARLY➤ Please allow up to 7 days while the item is being prepared for the shipping process to begin. Order a couple of weeks or so in advance so you are not disappointed, as production times and shipping during the busy season can be longer. For larger orders over 20 I will need  a bit more time to print and sign the art.
➤The customized nature of this art product does not allow for a refund. 
➤Thanks for choosing Metis Spirit Art & Design! Feliss (Phyllis Poitras-Jarrett), A Proud Canadian Designer from Regina, Saskatchewan! All Rights Reserved on the Artwork © Phyllis
Jarrett Metis Spirit Art Art 2020 and on. 

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