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Deer Spirit - Kinship & Friendship

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Deer Spirit   

Kinship & Friendship

I am a deer spirit. Kinship and friendship are important to us. We know our connections help each other to live full lives ensuring happiness on our life journeys. I am in my element amongst others. Our opinions may vary and we may have to agree to disagree at times. We are not all the same, but we know sharing our unique stories is important. This is what makes our lives interesting. We keep the flow gentle and peaceful with our ears perked up as we listen. We are messengers of peace.

Michif - deer - aen shoovreu

Interesting Facts:

White-tailed Deer

There are five deer species in Canada: white-tailed deer, mule deer, caribou, moose, and elk. White-tailed deer is the most common deer and lives all across Canada. They have white patches above their noses, around their eyes, on their necks and underneath their tails. Female deers are named does and males are bucks. Only the male grow antlers. Their babies are called fawns. Fawns have no scent after birth and newborns have spotted camouflage that protects them from predators. Their mother only attends to them a few times a day to prevent drawing attention to their location and prey finding their babies. When a threat comes close to a fawn it's defense mechanism is to freeze and remain still. They have adapted well to Canadian ecology and have a wide range of habitats. Deer species are the main source of food for canines like wolves, coyotes and cougars.  Food is scarce for animals in the winter months,  so the leftover carcasses are food for scavengers like ravens, magpies and foxes.  These graceful creatures are an abundant resource of food for other animals in Canada.