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Dragonfly Spirit - Balance & Change

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Dragonfly Spirit

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Balance & Change


I am a dragonfly spirit. I appear to you to remind you that balance & change are necessary in life. Being human is knowing that change is always in the air. Learning how to balance some of these life-changing moments is the key to a healthy state of mind. I may be a messenger to bring clarity and guidance. The sweetgrass on my body symbolizes the importance of prayer in our lives. Prayer comes in many forms within the human race. When I land near you I may bring messages to help you from your loved ones that are no longer here. The sacred circles on my body represent oneness and our deep connections to all living things within the universe. This awakening will bring back balance on Mother Earth.

Michif - dragonfly - damwahselle

Interesting Facts:


Dragonflies were one of the first flying insects that evolved.  Their flying motion is much like a helicopter. A dragonfly's wings can move up to 40 beats per second. They only catch their food while flying and eat hundreds of mosquitoes and other insects in one day. Dragonflies live close to water and are attracted to freshly watered gardens. They lay about 1500 eggs which will hatch in  just over a week. This is called the nymph stage and as they grow they will shed their skin several times. Each growth stage of nymph is called an instar. They can live up to 55 days. Some dragonflies live through winter under water in their larvae stage, while others' eggs survive the winter and hatch in the spring.