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Eagle Spirit - Gratitude & Love

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Gratitude & Love

I am the eagle spirit. I love all beings unconditionally and will embrace you with open wings. I will support you at your weakest and most joyful moments. My love knows no boundaries. I will protect you and guide you like I do my offspring. Love yourself and a peaceful flow will spread from your heart to those who cross your path. Soon gratitude and love will be mirrored back to you. Your vision will become clear knowing that love, kindness and peace is being spread across Mother Earth. 

The eagle represents love in the Seven Grandfather Teachings.

Michif - eagle - l'aegl

Eagles have profound Spiritual meaning for most Indigenous people. They are messengers between the creator and Mother Earth. 


Eagles are at the top of their food chains which is referred to as an apex predator.  The two species of eagles in Canada are the bald eagles and the golden eagle. An eagle's favourite food is fish and other birds. Their vision is about eight times better than humans can spot prey as they fly from up to 3km. They live by rivers and open water surrounded by a highly forested area. Their migration patterns are determined by food availability, seasonal hormonal changes caused by daylight and temperature changes. They nest with the same partner and in the same area yearly. Their nests are one of the largest in the world. Eagles lay two to three eggs a year and after a 35 day incubation period they hatch. Young Eagles pair up around five years of age. When fully grown their wingspan can be as wide as 2.5 meters.