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Porcupine Spirit

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Porcupine Spirit

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Trustworthy & Reliable

I am the porcupine spirit. You'll find me high on a tree limb nibbling on bark or juicy berries. I drop bits of berries to share with the small creatures below. If you are in need I will share my gifts and time to help you out too. I work through the night balancing on the smallest of tree limbs. This will not stop me from being there for you during difficult times. I know I may need you someday too. Being reliable and trustworthy brings me peace.

Michif - porcupine - aen portipik

Interesting Facts:


Porcupines are tree dwellers. Their long claws and short strong legs are adapted for climbing.  These nocturnal animals are mostly solitary unless they are nurturing their young. Their gestational period is just over 200 days and they have one offspring a year. They eat buds, evergreen needles, and bark through the winter. Porcupines have over 20,000 quills which they use to slap their predators. The quills lay flat until a predator appears and then they quickly pop upward. Porcupines do not throw quills. Unbelievably they are also great swimmers. Much like most rodents Porcupines must gnaw on hard wood surfaces to keep their constantly growing teeth at a healthy size. Their life span is around six years in the wild.