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Raven Spirit - Integrity & Honesty

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Integrity & Honesty

I am a raven spirit. My fellow beings can trust me to be true to my word. My actions must be positively serving others. I listen deeply to the stories you share with me. I know there are two sides and sometimes half-truths muddy the waters. I am persistent to find the inner truths of each of you. Living my life with integrity matters and I will not stray off my path of wanting to know. I am an unconditional listener. 

The honest truth will prevail as entangled stories unravel. This takes time, patience and persistence. My knowledge is reliable. However, if within my journey I discover new reliable evidence that proves something is off I will always realign myself with integrity. Anyone can change their story at any time and begin living a life of integrity.

Ravens and Sabes represent honesty in the Seven Grandfather Teachings.

Michif- raven - koorboo


The raven is part of the corvidae family which includes crows, jays, magpies, jackdows, chough and nutcrackers. They are considered highly intelligent with complex social organizations. They have been known to imitate other animals. They use objects from nature to initiate play. Their nest on tall coniferous trees even power poles. They enjoy eating insects, berries and roadkill. Raven's lay up to six eggs. There are differences between crows and ravens. Ravens are larger, they have pointed tail feathers and crows have round tail feathers. Raven's beaks are larger and chunky compared to the crow's slender beak. Raven's also do not caw like a crow, they make croaking sounds, but like crows they have more than 30 vocalizations. They also move in pairs and not groups like crows. They are omnivores and eat dead carcasses and leftover foods from garbage and seeds. It's love of seeds helps spread them across the land to regenerate new plants. They help regulate several small animal species populations by eating a wide variety of animals.