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Spirit Moose - Solitude

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Moose Spirit

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I am the moose spirit. I am often alone and I prefer it that way. This gives me time to contemplate new visions for the future. I am confident that my journey will open new ways of living a harmonious life. My stamina and endurance to travel across the muskeg alone will help me in my quest. I have no problem surviving in the heavily forested northern lands. I find comfort in solitude. It is necessary for my well being. My deep creative thoughts will someday benefit the greater good of mankind and all living things.

Michif - Moose- aen nariyael

Interesting Facts:


Moose are one of the largest mammals across North America. They can grow up to 2 meters in height and 3 meters in length. The male bull can be upwards off 600 kg and a female up to 400 kg. Their width can be an extraordinary 3 meters.

Only the male grows antlers and can be up to 2 meters from tip to tip. They are the largest antlers on any animal on earth. Their long nose is as unique as the rest of their bodies and helps them forge for food in the muskeg and  beneath the northern bogs.