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Turtle Spirit - Honour & Truth

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Turtle Spirit

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Honour & Truth

I am the turtle spirit. I hold and value the knowledge of my ancestors' teachings since the beginning of time in and on my body. I know that to live a truthful life I must honour and practice the values that guide us on our life journeys. I stay resilient through life's events knowing that the values will spread happiness and kindness throughout Mother Earth.  

The turtle represents truth in the Seven Grandfather Teachings. It carries all of the six teachings before it, wisdom, courage, humility, love, respect, and honesty.

Michif - turtle - la torcheu


Canada has 8 species of freshwater turtles and 4 species of marine turtles. The painted turtle is considered the most widespread freshwater turtle. The turtle subspecies have a variety of different ranges of red and green stripes and blotches on their bodies. They often bask in the sun to warm up and also rid their bodies of leeches. In the winter they swim to the bottom of the pond and burrow in the mud to hibernate without oxygen for the winter months. Their favourite food is water vegetation such as water lily seeds, algae and ducked. They also eat insects that live within their habitats. Painted turtles nest in a sandy area and lay up to 10 eggs. After about 80 days the baby turtles hatch and are fully self-sufficient to survive. They grow up to 3.5 cm in diameter. These turtles easily adapt and are often household pets.