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Wolf Spirit - Mindfulness & Humility

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Mindfulness & Humility

I am a wolf spirit. I use my senses to hunt and keep my pack safe. I am humbly aware of my gifts. My sense of smell is 1000 times greater than my fellow man's. I am mindful of your aura and know there are many stories hidden within it. I carefully listen, focusing the attention away from my fears. I want both of us to feel safe in each other's presence. We will feel the freedom of sharing our knowledge equally for the greater good. No one is more intelligent than the other. We are different and yet the same in many ways. Our shared knowledge will be passed on and absorbed, healing humanity and Mother Earth.

A Wolf represents humility and is one of the Seven Grandfather Teachings.

Michif - aen loo - wolf


Wolves are quite playful and one of the most social animals found in Canada. A wolf pack can range from 6 to over 20 wolves. One pack can roam across a territory of upwards of 2000 km in search of food. They can go without food for up to a week. There are around 50,000 Wolves across Canada which include the gray wolf and timber wolf. Wolves keep deer and elk populations in check as it's their main source of food. Other animals and plants benefit from this as they feed off the leftover carcasses and the nutrients are also returned to the Earth. The wolves' habitats have been shrinking at a steady rate due to deforestation. Wolves were hunted almost to extinction in the mid 1900's when they were considered pests by farmers.