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Congratulations Surrey Métis Family Services!

January 16, 2024 0 Comments

Congratulations Surrey Métis Family Services!

You are the new owner of two of my paintings.

Métis Giving Tree 48x60

Within the vibrant tapestry of Métis culture, there are narratives that hold deep significance and convey essential principles from one generation to another. A prime example of this is "The Giving Tree," a delightful story that delves into the core values and beliefs of the Métis community. This tree holds immense importance for the Métis people, serving as both a gathering place and a symbol of boundless generosity. It embodies the deeply ingrained values and beliefs within Métis culture, such as resilience, empathy, bravery, and acceptance. The value of trees is immeasurable—they protect the land, provide oxygen, shade, wood, natural playgrounds, biodiversity, and sustenance for all living creatures.

In my artwork, certain animals are imbued with symbolic meaning. The deer represents kinship and friendship, while the dragonfly serves as a reminder that our departed loved ones are always present with us, visiting from the realm beyond. Additionally, the eagle soaring above the mountains connects us to our creators and brings messages from the celestial realm to Earth. My artwork celebrates our heritage and embraces the profound connections between nature and spirituality.

The painting contains intricate Métis beadwork patterns that hide a single authentic bead within its design. In traditional Métis beadwork, this bead would be a different color or intentionally placed in an unconventional way. This inclusion acts as a humble reminder that true perfection can only be achieved by the Creator, discouraging arrogance and excessive pride. These beads, known as "Spirit beads," are often misplaced or have a different color.

This painting draws inspiration from Leah Marie Dorion's story, translated into Michif by Norman Fleury, and the original storyteller, Frank Tomkins. The book, titled "Michif - Giving Tree - laarbr kawmaekit," is a valuable source of creative inspiration, infusing the artwork with the essence of Métis culture and spiritual themes. Through this piece, we aim to honor our heritage and encourage others to explore the deep connections between art, nature, and spirituality