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Spirit Animal Stickers

Artist Animal Stickers

Decorate any surface with custom printed permanent stickers made on demand! Designed to never let go, permanent stickers can be affixed to almost any surface including wood, glass, ceramic, paper, and plastic. They’re remarkably versatile and the prints are incredibly vibrant. 

• Highly permanent and stick to most surfaces
• Glossy finish
• Raised, textured surface
• Waterproof and microwave safe
• Printed with UV technology
• Made on demand in Montreal, Canada and shipped worldwide

I also have 5"x5" and 9"x9" stickers available. Please contact me as these are special order.

Note: If you order six of the same animal ask about the deal by dropping me a message.
➤ SHIPPING➤ ORDER EARLY➤ Please allow up to 7 days while the item is being prepared for the shipping process to begin. Order a couple of weeks or so in advance so you are not disappointed, as production times and shipping during the busy season can be longer.  Time is of the essence.
➤ The customized nature of this art product does not allow for a refund.  Shipping and Packaging are included in the price.

➤ Thanks for choosing Metis Spirit Art & Design! Feliss (Phyllis Poitras-Jarrett), A Proud Canadian Designer from Regina, Saskatchewan! All Rights Reserved on the Artwork © Phyllis 
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